COVID Test and Visa Information

INTERNATIONAL PARTICIPANTS, MUST DO BEFORE YOU COME. If you need COVID test done prior to departing from USA to your country: please contact and have the test done at Marriot Hotel or lab: Click Here.pdf

If you need a visa to attend the conference, we recommend that you begin the process as soon as possible, in order that you obtain your visa in time for the conference or registration deadline. Visa application procedures to enter the USA have become stricter, and therefore it can take much longer to process your application than anticipated.

Upon your request, we can provide you an official invitation letter to assist you with your visa application, please contact Conference Staff for obtaining the letter. The invitation letter simply invites you to the conference. We also recommend that when you submit your paperwork to the consulate, you make sure that you also submit a conference brochure. If you have submitted an abstract or organizing a mini-symposium at the conference you are advised to mention about those and submit copies of confirmation letters along with the VISA application.

Procedures for COVID Health and Safety:

To ensure the health and safety of all conference attendees, please adhere to the following policies:

  • Mask: All conference attendees are required to wear protective masks throughout the meeting, except when eating or drinking, or when speaking from a lectern that’s more than six feet feet away from others.
  • Vaccination: You are permitted to attend the meeting only if you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Make sure that at least two weeks have passed since you received either a one-dose vaccine or the 2nd dose of a two-dose vaccine. Any vaccine approved by World Health Organization is acceptable.

More Information:  For more information, visit these websites:

Centers for Disease Control